Skating in Switzerland

Safety tips

For hiking

Useful tips from the Swiss Hiking Federation on planning hiking routes, equipment, correct conduct while hiking and in an emergency. (in french or german)

Mountain hiking safely

The Swiss mountains are made for hiking. Safe mountain hiking demands physical fitness, surefoot-edness and a head for heights. has tips for accident-free hikes – you can even take a test to assess your hiking fitness.
Available in German, French and Italian.

Cycling safely

Bicycles are our trusty companions in day-to-day life and leisure time. Make sure you get to where you’re heading safely by following the useful tips compiled by the BFU.
Available in German, French and Italian.

A safe cycling tour

Useful tips from Pro Velo Schweiz on planning cycle tours for the entire family, equipment and safe conduct in road traffic. (in french or german)

Mountain biking safely

Become one with your mountain bike and have a great time. The BFU has targeted tips on equip-ment and riding techniques – on tours, trails and pump tracks. 
Available in German, French and Italian.

Ride safely on inline skates, mini-scooters etc.

Equipment, techniques and on which surfaces riding is permitted – the BFU has useful safety tips for accident-free inline skating and mini-scooter riding.

Available in German, French and Italian.

Canoeing and kayaking safely

Canoeing and kayaking look easy, but they’re more challenging than you might think. The BFU has some important safety tips to ensure that nothing spoils the fun.
Available in German, French and Italian.