Mountain bike guides

Mountain bike guides are more than just tour guides as they permit you adventures that would be impossible without them. With all their local knowledge, mountain bike guides introduce you to hidden places and a unique experience with plenty of smiles. A guide is more than a human GPS, he or she is aware of the dangers and helps you steer clear of them, providing assurance in difficult spots and by self-doubt. Prerequisites for a guide go far beyond knowing the area and being able to ride a bike. Guides require a good understanding of people and know how to handle groups in the best of ways.

Those interested in the offer of a guided tour should be well informed about the training and ability of the guide. The question as to what kind of training a guide has completed says much about his or her capabilities and reliability. If you are paying for a guide it’s only right to expect the proper services in return. Having said that, there is of course no guarantee that the tour will be exactly as you expected, even if correctly run.

Finding a good guide

The national «Swiss Cycling» association has been training guides since 2004. Guides undergo training by Swiss Cycling on the subjects of tour planning and leadership, techniques, methodology, didactics, group dynamics, medicine and rescue, weather conditions, orientation and tour proceedings.