SwitzerlandMobility App …

SwitzerlandMobility App

The free SwitzerlandMobility app (for iPhone, iPad and Android) is the perfect app for anybody who is out and about in Switzerland either in summer or winter..

  • maps of Switzerland from swisstopo (the best) up to a scale of 1:10,000
  • 32,000 km signposted non-motorized routes (national, regional and local)
  • complete network of signposted hiking trails (60,000 km)
  • 500 routes for winter activities
  • 25,000 public transportation stops linked to the timetable of the Swiss Federal Railways (planning a tour with public transportation was never easier)
  • information on 4,500 points of interest on the way, such as overnight accommodations, bicycle service stations, etc.
  • positioning system and compass function (you always know where you are)
  • card orientation (the card turns and moves in viewing direction)

Save maps & tours

On purchasing a SwitzerlandMobility Plus subscription you can additionally:

  • use and save swisstopo maps for areas without network coverage (no more problems with dead zones)
  • download and store tours you designed, including elevation profile, hiking time, distance and altitudes (separately and easily)
  • Recording tours with the SwitzerlandMobility app is not possible
Details on all functions of SwitzerlandMobility Plus (available only in German and French)
Technical information

  • iPhone: requires iOS 10 or later.
  • iPad: requires iOS 10 or later.
  • Android: requires device with Android 6 or later.
  • The app requires network coverage (useable without network coverage with SwitzerlandMobility Plus).
  • No tours can be entered with the app.
  • Constant use of the GPS may considerably reduce the length of battery life.
  • Avaiable at the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and at Google Play (Android)