Weather forecasts

New: weather and precipitation forecasts for planning the perfect tour

With the new weather forecast for the next 5 days, and the latest 4-hour forecast (precipitation) from Meteotest, SwitzerlandMobility is providing you with another indispensable element to help plan your tour.

Select the field «Weather» in the navigation on the left side of the web map and then click on the round plus sign. You then have all the forecast options to choose from.

For the weather forecast, click on the desired day. The weather information is split into morning and afternoon with the corresponding minimum and maximum temperatures. The more detailed the selected map section, the more location-based the weather forecast.
The 4-hour forecast (precipitation) shows the precipitation expected in the next 4 hours with blue animation over the map. The sequence of the forecast is shown in red in the field next to the play key. Please note: the blue animation is only visible when rain or snow is actually predicted in the next 4 hours.

To the SwitzerlandMobility web map with weather forecast
The weather forecast for the next 5 days will also be displayed with the results of the search functions «Hiking in...» («Cycling in ...» etc.) and thus for any starting point you choose for your tour.

We recommend SwitzerlandMobility Plus so that you can plan your tour even more individually.
Weather and precipitation forecasts powered by meteotest