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Top-quality rafting destination

Switzerland’s Alpine topography makes it a top-quality rafting destination. Mighty glaciers deliver a steady flow of water into the steep and impressive gorges.




Vorderrhein Raft

River rafting is the best way to experience probably the most beautiful and spectacular gorge in Switzerland, the Ruinaulta or Rheinschlucht gorge. The impressive trip is spiced up with some extremely attractive white water.


Bookable offer: Vorderrhein

Rafting Adventure Vorderrhein
On the river through the Vorderrhein Gorge – an unforgettable experience. With Raft or Funyaks. Guided tour (half or full day and special family options), incl. equipment, instruction, food. Min age 10 years. Prices from CHF 70.–/45.– (adult/child). Certification: Safety in adventures.

Swiss River Adventures GmbH
7130 Ilanz
+41 (0)81 936 01 04

Buchbares Angebot: Vorderrhein

River Rafting Vorderrhein
Zwischen Ilanz und Reichenau hat der Vorderrhein eine atemberaubende Schlucht geformt. Erleben Sie mit WasserchRAFT dieses abenteuerliche Natur Erlebnis. Unsere Schweizer Guides, führen Sie sicher die 20 km von Ilanz nach Reichenau. Funjak Touren möglich. Zertifizierung: Safety in adventures.

River Rafting und Funjak Touren
Via Mulin 485
7130 Ilanz
+41 (0)81 936 07 40

Bookable offer: Vorderrhein

Experience river rafting in the Rhine gorge
The Rhine gorge is one of the most impressive river gorges in Switzerland. During your journey you get to know the story of the Rhine gorge and special plants and animals. Special offers available for families and school groups; children must be 10 years old. From CHF 45.–. Certified and approved by Safety in Adventure.

Kanuschule Versam
7104 Versam
+41 (0)81 645 13 24