Swiss Hiking Trail Federation

Partnership Swiss Hiking Trail Federation – Switzerland Mobility

The Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, as the umbrella organization, unites the hiking-trail specialist organizations of all cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein. As the supporting body of Hiking in Switzerland, it is mostly responsible for the planning, signalization and maintenance of the hiking trails.

The integration of Hiking in Switzerland into the SwitzerlandMobility project is an important milestone for hiking in this country. New requirements by guests, both Swiss and from abroad, have been accommodated. These include nationally uniform signalization of national and regional routes in accordance with those used for other forms of non-motorized traffic.

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Swiss Hiking Trail Federation

The Swiss Hiking Trail Federation covers the hiking organizations of the Swiss Cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Since 1934, the organizations have worked together to maintain an attractive, safe and uniformly marked hiking trail system in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein and to promote hiking as an enjoyable and eventful outdoor activity as well as an important contribution to healthy living. As a partner of SwitzerlandMobility, the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, jointly with the hiking organizations of the Swiss Cantons, is responsible for the coordination and signposting of all Hiking in Switzerland routes.

These services can only be provided thanks to the financial support and active volunteer commitment of many private citizens and also because of the effective national structures that are in place.

As a sponsor of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation, you help to preserve the hiking trail system for your own and for future generations. Sponsorship also comes with a number of benefits.

Becoming a sponsor of Swiss Hiking

Hiking organizations of the Swiss Cantons

The hiking organizations of the cantons form the foundation of all hiking activities in Switzerland. They have the local know-how to develop and service the regional hiking trail systems, maintain signposting, control trail sections and offer guided hikes. They also represent hikers’ rights and take action to oppose the obliteration of trails. Your membership or volunteer work makes a valuable contribution to these efforts.

Becoming a member

As a member of a hiking organization in a canton, you support the work it does and also enjoy a wide variety of benefits, for example, taking part in guided walks at no charge.

Becoming a volunteer

Around 1500 volunteers are checking the hiking trails on a regular basis and support the communities in trail maintenance. As a volunteer you can contribute to these endeavors.

Further information is available directly from the organizations in the cantons.