New map representation of the hiking trail network

SwitzerlandMobility introduced a standardized representation of information on non-motorized traffic in 2008. Green, for example, stands for the Hiking in Switzerland and light blue for the Cy-cling in Switzerland offering. A set of symbol colours now represents nine different forms of summer and winter mobility, thus establishing a uniform standard that is unique worldwide and has since been adopted by numerous communication media and partners.

swisstopo and the Swiss Hiking Federation depict the principal network using yellow for hiking trails, red for mountain hiking trails and blue for Alpine hiking trails, which corresponds with the colours on the signposts and markings. Green is reserved for the Hiking in Switzerland route offering, but not used on the principal hiking trail network.

SwitzerlandMobility is adopting the representation style used by swisstopo and the Swiss Hiking Federation in order to further standardize and improve the representation of non-motorized traffic. From April 2020 onwards (summer web release), green will no longer be used for the principal network. In line with this update, Alpine hiking trails will now also be displayed on schweizmobil.ch.

In keeping with established and proven practice, green will nevertheless continue to be used on national, regional and local SwitzerlandMobility routes. On these routes, the hiking trail network colours will be highlighted in green to indicate Switzerland's most beautiful and scenic routes.

The close cooperation between swisstopo, the Swiss Hiking Federation and SwitzerlandMobility also has an effect on shared data use: the principal network produced by swisstopo is distributed via geo.admin.ch and will therefore, together with the Hiking in Switzerland routes, be updated simultaneously across all communication partners from 2021 onwards.