Cycling in Switzerland

Safety tips

For hiking

Useful tips from the Swiss Hiking Federation on planning hiking routes, equipment, correct conduct while hiking and in an emergency. (in french or german)

Mountain hiker’s checklist PACE

Plan, Assess, Consider and Evaluate: Make the mountain hiker’s checklist – and hike safely and with lots of fun!

For cycling

Useful tips from Pro Velo Schweiz on planning cycle tours for the entire family, equipment and safe conduct in road traffic. (in french or german)

For mountain biking

The 5 most important tips

  • Wear a helmet, sports goggles, long-fingered gloves and protectors
  • Choose a route that matches your ability
  • Ride in a focused and defensive manner
  • Make sure you are visible in road traffic
  • Have your mountain bike maintained by a specialist
More … (in french or german)

For skating

 The 4 most important tips

  • Wear a helmet
  • Remember to protect yourself with wrist, elbow and knee protectors
  • Ride with lights on in the dark or in poor visibility  
  • Make sure you are visible in road traffic
  • Look and think ahead while riding and always be ready to brake  
More … (in french or german)