Cycling in Switzerland

Road cycling in Switzerland

Superb roads, unspoilt scenery: Switzerland is a paradise for devotees of road cycling. Level cycling paths by lakes. In the Mittelland, hill succeeds hill in countryside imbued with tradition. And then there are the Alps, with 17 passes exceeding 2000 m in altitude amid the snowy peaks.

Road cycling in Valais
The Valais has a wide range of road cycling offers and a network of cycle itineraries that includes more than 2,000 kilometres of routes selected for this practice. These are marked by strategically placed totems notably featuring information on altitude. The highlight of the discipline, the Valais Cycling Tour is a 740-kilometre route featuring 10 stages between legendary passes, idyllic side valleys and imposing dams. Specialised services are available for road bikes throughout the canton, such as 70 bike hotels and numerous bike rental points.