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SwitzerlandMobility Foundation

SwitzerlandMobility is the national network for non-motorized traffic in particular for leisure and tourism (hiking, cycling, mountain biking, skating and canoeing).

The supporting body of SwitzerlandMobility is the SwitzerlandMobility Foundation. Its objective is the coordination and promotion of non-motorized traffic, in particular for leisure and tourism in Switzerland. Members of the SwitzerlandMobility Foundation are in particular organizations from the fields of non-motorized traffic, tourism and sport. The SwitzerlandMobility Foundation is also supported by various federal departments, the cantons and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

SwitzerlandMobility websites are continually updated and new information provided. Despite this, errors can occur or the information required can be missing. Should you find any kind of inaccuracy, please advise us by e-mail. Thank you.

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SwitzerlandMobility Foundation
Spitalgasse 34 CH - 3011 Bern
Tel.: ++41 (0) 31 318 01 28
Fax: ++41 (0) 31 318 01 29