Canoeing waters and signalisation

Signs and regulations for inland navigation

The same signs and regulations for general inland navigation are essentially also valid for canoeists. Exceptions on any particular routes will be specially mentioned on the Internet.

 Signs and regulations for inland navigation (41 KB)

Waters for independent tours

Waters navigable independently or guided are waters with a technical requirement grade easy (water category I, calm waters) and medium (water category I-II).

Waters for guided tours

Waters navigable only with a guide are usually rafting waters with technical requirement grade difficult (water category II-IV).
For environmental reasons, the canoeing offer on the Doubs is guided only.
Information on organizations offering guided tours is shown with the respective routes of Canoeing in Switzerland.
All providers of guided tours communicated through SwitzerlandMobility will have to hold a safety certification. This certification serves for the training of the service provider and provides the highest possible degree of safety for the user.
SwitzerlandMobility and the Swiss Canoeing Federation recognize both of these certificates: Safety in Adventures und Safety & Security & ISO in Adventure.